Terms and Conditions

Every paper that is provided by Law Assignments is thoroughly executed according to the requirements of our customers. Every customer is allowed to use it as a source of reference to develop a customised paper. However, no customer is allowed to use the paper verbatim. In case any customer submits the paper in its original form, the customer will solely be responsible for the outcomes that arise as a result of the act. We hold all rights of every paper that are produced by our team of writers. The ownership of the papers rests with the company even after it is delivered to the customers.

Therefore, we advise every customer to read the below-mentioned ‘Terms & Conditions’ prior to using our services:

Privacy Policy

We never share the privacy of our valued customers with anyone. We need personal information of our customers at the time of order confirmation, customer feedback, and the announcement of future services. We assure our customers that their personal details will be kept under tight security and will never be shared with anyone. However:

Customers can use different name of their choice to place an order if they don’t want to share their real names.

  • Customers can also unsubscribe from our daily and weekly updates about our promotional offers, upcoming services and special event packages by sending us an email.
  • Your IP address, browser details, operating system information, access time and location are automatically stored in our server while you are visiting our website. We use this information to improve our online services for our visitors. If you don’t want to share such information, you can disable your browser’s cookies anytime.

Refund Policy

If the paper provided by our firm doesn’t match with the instructions of the customer, a request for refund can be initiated by the customer. However, the customers are advised to get free revisions before requesting for a refund. The request for refund will be entertained only under the below-mentioned conditions:

  • Please note that small errors in the paper do not make you eligible for a refund. The same rule applies to insignificant delays in delivery of the paper. The refund is acceptable only on major errors.
  • If the writer fails to satisfy the customer even after rounds of revisions, then the customer can do a request for a refund.
  • In the case of the company charges more than the billed amount, the company will be liable to give back the remaining amount in the shortest possible time.

Conflict Settlement Policy

Customers are advised to directly contact the customer support representatives to resolve any issue before contacting any third party in case of a dispute. If the customer support service fails to respond to the customer in a timely manner, the customer will then be entitled to seek arbitrary services.

However, if the customer approaches an arbitrary service without first settling the matter with the company, then the act will be considered a breach of contract and the company will go after a suitable course of action to tackle the matter.

Order Cancelation Policy

Law Assignments holds the right to cancel an order without any delay under the following conditions:

  • In the event when a customer violates any of the clauses mentioned in the ‘Terms & Conditions’.
  • If the customer is suspicious of an act of fraud or felony.

In the case of order cancellation, the customer will be eligible for a partial refund if the customer submits the request after the specified timeframe. However, if the customer makes the request within the given timeframe, then a full refund will be accepted.

Order Delivery Policy

Students are strictly advised to provide their accurate contact details as they are necessary for us to deliver your paper.

Law Assignments will not be held responsible for any delay that arises as a result of an incorrect email address or any spam filters used by the customer in their mail box.

Amendment Policy

We reserve the absolute rights to add, delete or edit any of the clauses in the ‘terms of service’ section without any prior notice. However, our team will update you shortly through email once any change in the policy is approved.

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