Influence of Good Vocabulary in Writing: A Sailor’s Guide to Students!

Influence of Good Vocabulary in Writing: A Sailor’s Guide to Students!

A good vocabulary is used in our daily academic and non-academic activities, for example writing an assignment, hanging out with family, and interacting with friends etc. In some ways, the ability to write effectively hinges upon having an adequate vocabulary even more than does the ability to read.

Once students have learned to decode words, they may be able to read and pronounce many words that are unfamiliar to them. There are several subjects that require the use of good vocabulary such as English Literature, Law, medical etc. It has been observed that students who have a limited vocabulary face difficulties while writing law assignment, essays etc.

Even many students seek our law assignment writing service for proofreading and editing, in order to enhance their vocabulary so that they can make a good impression and achieve good grades. There are several studies that show that rich vocabulary is a crucial to improve reading and writing abilities. In fact, it is considered a deciding factor in reading comprehension. Reading and writing are two analogous and complementary processes that involve generating ideas and organising them into a logical order by drafting them multiple times until it sound cohesive and consistent.

Here are some tips by our law assignments professionals that you can put into your practice to help you improve your vocabulary that will definitely the cherry on the top.

1. Sharing Vocabulary-Rich Literature

Truly successful student read the best sources such as books, poems, and stories that contain interesting vocabulary. By reading such information-rich literature, students can begin to learn new words and understand their meaning as well as usage.

2. Look for New Words

Students can also pair up and look throughout the books for new words that catch their attention, then write down common words that they can use in their papers.

3. Improve Your Communication

Contrary to what some people believe, the point of having a good vocabulary is not to use fancy, arcane or complicated words to impress or confuse other people. Instead, the purpose of good vocabulary is to communicate your ideas in an easier and simpler manner.

4. Open up Your Mind

The biggest benefit of having good vocabulary is that it opens up the mind as your brain tends to learn new words and their meaning that affect your academic performance as well as personal and professional life. As said by Philip K. Dick:

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words”.

If you find any difficulty in writing your paper, you can always ask our law assignment writing services professionals having extensive writing experience and a strong background from Undergraduate to PhD level writing expertise.

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